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Guided Excursion 'Prato Fiorito'

Guided Excursion 'Prato Fiorito'

Action packed guided trek...

Experience the fun and excitement of off road driving with LUCCAQUAD guided treks... the unforgettable quad bike experience in some of the most stunning countryside Tuscany has to offer.


Pista Mini Quad Children can experience the adventure and fun with our mini Quads and inflatable track. Our inflatable track and mini Quads are available for rental:






Parties, Village festivals, Birthdays..etc.Rental includes the inflatable track, mini Quads and 2 Lucca Quad professional guides.

Hen and Stag  Events with Lucca Quad..  Quad Excurisons  can be combined with other activities such as Piantballing- Rafting or Relaxing in the Thermal Baths


   Visit our woodland site for a unique Piantballing experience....




 Bagni di Lucca......experience Sport, Nature and Adventure Activities


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