Within all the playing fields and all the areas where the "MASK" sign is displayed, it is mandatory to wear the protective mask that we provide. 
It is absolutely forbidden to intentionally throw or let the marker/painbtall gun fall to the ground. You must never leave your paintball marker in the field and must leave in the designated area once the game is over.  If you have to leave the marker in the field due to an emergency please notify the staff as soon as possibile.
The game of paintball due to its movements, dynamics and characteristics of the playing field, can lead to wear or tear of the clothing worn. Furthermore, the impact with the ground, with the game shelters and the blows received can cause abrasions or bruises,generally mild. All players agree to play as a result of their own individual free choice.
The game of paintball involves a physical effort whose magnitude can vary depending on the health conditions and the player's physical prowess. The movements performed within the camp require the ability to coordinate and control one's own body. 
It is forbidden to play paintball if you aresuffering from any type of physical or mental illness, temporary or permanent, or in a not optimal state of health. It is forbidden for people to play if they are drunk or under the influence of drugs or medicines.

If players feel that they are for any reason unfit for the practice of this game are required to notify the organization to investigate any risks related to their practice.

The player who decides to take part in the game despite the presence of problems that may involve a risk for his own health and for the safety of others, whether or not he has communicated it to the organization, becomes fully responsible for his choice and relieves the organization from any responsibility for damages caused to himself or to third parties.
The association, if made aware of these issues, may decide to prohibit participation in the game.


The association reserves the right to expel from the paintball field anyone who has violent behaviour or is offensive during the game.  

At the beginning of each game the assistance staff will explain the rules of the game and in particular the mandatory safety regulations. Failure to comply with these rules, in particular if repeated, may lead to the unquestionable judgment of the association to expel the player from the field for the entire remaining time of the round. No refund of the fees paid will be paid in the event of expulsion.

For added security the markers are checked before the start of each game with a chronograph, so as not to exceed the permitted power limits.
The presence of expert referees also allows the games to always take place under control. The referees verify that the players do not commit irregularities such as, for example, continue to play after being marked.

During the games it is always correct to maintain a mature and responsible attitude in order to have fun.